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I'm a brand new reloader with a single stage press, I'm trying to load 250 gn lead bullet in .45 colt with a rcbs carbide die set. I'm going by the written instructions and pictures, and I'm not sure about my results. On the expander die, I'm just flaring the very end of the case enough to set the base of the bullet in it. I'm pretty confident about that, but as far as seating and crimping I have no idea how i'm doing. It doesn't look like the crimp on store-bought bullets, it just looks like something in the die is catching the top 1/16 inch of the case. Also, if I put about 50-60 lbs of pressure on it, the bullet will start to push into the case. Does that mean a bad crimp, or is that too much of a stress test. (by the way, there's no powder in the ones i'm testing)
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