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Attaching the strip primers every 25 rounds is no bid deal - if you remember to do it. That takes a little getting use to BUT assuming you give the primer system proper attention it is BY FAR the best yet. If there is a problem with the primer system it is finding the primers already in strips.

About changing the powder measure setting. Couldn't be easier. To change the powder charge you just turn a knob. To adjust for a new case you just screw the powder measure in or out a bit. Oh you can do this wrong but even a little practice will make it easy to do.

Installing the powder measure does require a little attention. I don't remember what threw me the first time but whatever it was the problem came about because I didn't read the manual first.

One oddity about collecting progressives is that I tend to set them up for one cartridge and then load only that one. After all these things don't cost a fortune. Still, I have change calibers here a couple of times and found it to be no big deal.

Best progressive yet!
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