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Ok, I give. I bet I can make a solid 3rd.
Been remodeling for the last month. Haven't reloaded since last summer.
I'd send you a pic of my computer bench to tide you over but I think my camera is under a mountain of crap somewhere upstairs.
I have my bench stacked so high I can no longer see my dillon 550.
I HAVE been ordering components, though.
My last 3 orders add up to over 50,000 bullets.
Those are stacked on my bench. (Had to make room for paint, drywall, new stairs, carpet, ceiling tiles, bags of cement, piles of lumber, etc.)
When I get this remodel done, I'm gonna buy myself a present.
A case feeder for my 550.

As it is now, I could prolly spend 2 hours cleaning it, and still win a solid 3rd.
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