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another nc ccp says yes.

Wake County took nearly all of the allowed 90 day 'shall issue' period before I got my permit. One trip to the Sherrifs office to get printed, drop $80 cash on counter, and apply, and then one trip down to pick it up 2months & change later.

I have the same problem you do with our resturant law - I'd love to see that provision amended. I know it hard to define a law to allow resturants but not hard-drinking bars, perhaps they could establish "dining hours" or similar. I simply don't carry as much as I'd like to because of this law. On the upside, one of our favorite local resturants is a dry resturant.

Also, living in a college town, I try to be careful not to cut through one of the campus roads. Years ago campus police supposedly ran plates looking for CCP holders and stopped them for carrying on educational property. The court stepped in and stopped the practice from what I heard.

If for no other reasons, a NC CCP will:
1) make it more convinient to buy your next handgun.
2) provide you with more flexiblity when transporting your gun in the car.
3) allow you to carry on a NC through FL road trip and in a lot of other neighboring states.
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