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Darryl Howland
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Thanks for the information out of the Nosler
manual. As for the Grand Slams, I hit a ten
point mule deer from 309 yards (laser range
finder, after it was downed). The Grand Slams
past through the deer and dropped it in its
tracks. Just before I left Montana I gave ten rounds to two of my friends. A week later
They hit a bull elk with 4 rounds (two in the
neck and two in the lungs from 200 yards. Only
one of the neck rounds went though the animal.
The two lung shots only made it half way and
then they had to track the Elk for what they
figured was about a 1/2 mile or so before it
dropped. Now the shots may not have been at
the perfect angle but we all thought that they
should have done a better job then they did.
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