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If you have the ability to get a CCW, get it, and, carry it with you however much you can.

I'd consider lifestyle modifications to limit your exposure to places where you
couldn't carry.

There are resturants that don't serve booze around, I'm sure, if you look.

Bad things can happen in resturants...(Remember Luby's in Killeen, TX?),
and I simply refuse to patronize resturants, or any other places you can't CCW as much as possible.

A little oddity....In TX it's perfectly legal to carry in a liqour store, as long as the establishment doesn't prohibit it.

My feelings on CCW are very strong and, I'm not going to go into it further since I've offended people in the past by stateing them, however, just a few things to consider:

-Makeing the progressive leap from "Sheep/Food" to "Sheep with teeth" to "Sheepdog" does require some sacrifice.......I'm NOT trying to insult you with those terms, simply stateing my viewpoint in sweeping terms.

-You may need to make lifestyle, wardrobe, and, behavior modifications, however, that is a small price to pay IMO.

-If you are unwilling to make changes in your life, you should definitly consider why you'd even want to carry at all.
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