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I also have one sitting right next to me that holds 2 Lee single-stage reloaders (I load in serial fashion, powder/bell and seat/crimp for faster operation). Anyway, it has worked very well in the small confines of my computer room, and holds enough extra stuff in the side bins to be useful. I have had no problems with mine at all as long as you butt the base up against a wall or coffee table or something - this helps to add a little rigidity to the setup.

I would trust it with all pistol calibers, as I reload 9mm and .45ACP. Rifle calibers with non-carbide dies, and large progressives (bigger than a Dillon SDB) will likely have a problem actuating the powder measure unless it's silky smooth. The stand offers enough support for single-staging, but you may have problems with heavy equipment.

In all, a great deal if you live in an apartment, or like to take reloading to the range with you to work up loads. Well worth the money that they charge for it. One thing, if you get it, get extra bins from the start - I had to shop to find them locally, HTH.
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