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Robert Foote
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Lots of luck. I have a great Yugo I would like to sell you. I dabbled with paper patching with my Shiloh .45-70 some years back, having the chamber reamed slightly for paper patch bullets, buying the RCBS adjustable mold for it, and all the impedimenta that goes with it. What I wound up with was an oversized forward chamber, bullets (from two molds) that did not cast to the size specified, and considerable aggravation. I can guarantee that every 'expert' you consult will tell you something different that will cost you money before you fire a shot. But if you are determinied to throw your money away there is an outfit called Buffalo Arms up in Idaho that will take it. I eventually figured out that it's simpler to go with a proven grooved (Postell type) bullet and forget paper patching. I will probably be putting a new barrel on my Shiloh one of these days--sort of learner's fee. Consider yourself warned.

No wonder I love loading .30 caliber Sierra Match King bullets--follow instructions and they shoot like a house afire.

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