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Hey, thanks for the warm reception! I think that I want to use the press to build one cartridge at a time. I thought of going progressive but it seems to me like the only one in my price range is the Lee Line of progressive presses and I hear such wildly contrasting stories that I am scared to buy one. The worst of these is that you have to constantly adjust it and I don't want to do that. What I did not like about those presses was that you spent between 400-500 dollars on a press like the 550-650 or the lock n load or the Pro2000 and then you have to buy a case feeder for it for another 200. Already that is pushing into my budget (in college) so I am really capped at 700 max and Id like to spend about 5. Speed is not important to me. If I have to spend two hours reloading to make 400 pistol rounds that is okay with me. I am intrigued by the dillon AT500, I did not know that you could upgrade it to a 550 and that might be what I am looking for. I also figured I should get a turret because I thought it would be easier to do smaller batches of many kinds of rounds by just getting extra turret heads and switching them out as I will eventually be doing many calibers. So I figured I should get maybe a turret press of decent quality (lyman or rcbs) that won't break the bank.

Really I would just buy the Lee turret press if someone could assure me that I wouldnt have to fiddle with it constantly.
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