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How do you want to use the turret press? Do you want to use it batch mode, where you run all the brass through the same operation before going to the next step, or do you want to build each cartridge one at a time, finishing one cartridge before you start another?

If the former, another alternative might be a single stage press that takes 1.25-12 dies (has a threaded reducer to take std 7/8-12 dies), and install a hornady lock-n-load conversion kit in place of the reducer. These adapters fit on the press and your dies to make changing dies quick and easy, with less play/slop than the best turret press, at less cost too. RCBS rockchucker, Redding Big Boss & UltraMag, Lee Classic Cast, and of course the Hornady LNL press all can take the LNL conversion.

If the latter, then a true turret, or even a progressive (used like a turret) is best. Other models besides the ones you mentioned include the new Lee Classic Turret (based on their excellent Classic Cast press), The Redding T7,
and the Dillon AT500 (not listed in their catalogs/online anymore, but I've heard that they still sell them if you call and ask, for around $200). The AT500 has the advantage of being able to upgrade in steps to a fully progressive RL550B. Virtually any progressive can be used one cartridge at a time like a turret. Note that a progressive will come with a built-in priming tool and a powder measure, so that's a couple of things you would not need to buy separately for a turret press. Of the progressives to be used turret style, I like the cost and flexibility of the Hornady LNL AP that uses LNL inserts to change dies quickly, one at a time if needed, and has a better powder measure than the Dillon.

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