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First Time reloaders final buy decision, Lyman turret press or RCBS turret press.

I have been snooping around these forums for a while but this is my first post. I am tired of paying so much money for factory ammunition. I have decided that I do not require anything more complicated than a turret press because I will only go shootingtwo to three times a month and will only be using up about 4-500 rounds at a time. So I have settled on the Lyman turret press reloading kit or the RCBS turret press reloading kit as a decent quality first time buy. Which of these presses gives you the least hassle to operate smoothly. I do not want to be constantly fiddling with stuff (Which I understand is the bane of Lee presses).

Oh yeah I want to start out by reloading for .45 and .223 but I will eventually get the dies for all my guns which are 9mm, 32.s&w,.38spc,.38s&w,.44russian,.357 mag,7.62x39and54 and 7.62X25 but as I understand it all presses use the same size threads for dies so there should not be a problem say if I get the Lyman press and use Lee dies right?
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