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Do the companies that reload commercially have some sort of automated brass sorting machinery, or do they just have lots of minimum wage workers picking through the brass they get?

Suppose I want to send some brass to one of these outfits that will reload using the customer's brass. I have what I think is a box of 2000 9mmP cases. In fact, though, I only have 1900 that can be reloaded; mixed in with them are 27 .380 cases, 23 9mm Mak cases, 14 .40 S&W cases and 36 Berdan-primed 9mmP cases.

If the manufacturer takes my box of brass, cleans it and dumps it into the case feeder of his automatic press, odds are he's going to have his press jam every 100 rounds. Can he really keep his production line running economically if he has to clear a jam that often, or does he have some way to sort out the bad cases before he begins?

I'm curious because I bought a five gallon bucket of range brass and that's a lot of cases to sort. Picking out the .44s, .45s, .38s and .357s hasn't been too hard, but now that I'm at the stage of having about 70% 9mmP brass with 30% "impurities", it's getting to be a pain.
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