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I'm reloading .308 for my M1A.

I was using 50.1 gr of 760 with OAL of 2.70, with a Hornady 150gr FMJBT. I was also using a light crimp. A couple times the action didn't cycle, what I can only attribute to pressures to low to cycle the action, so I decided to go to a faster powder.

I'm trying VARGET with the same Hornady bullet and Hodgden gives 2.80 as OAL. I notice that the cannelure is still completely out of the case at 2.8 OAL. Should I seat the bullet deeper anyway, and crimp, or just ignore this and crimp above the cannelure at 2.8 AOL? I'm concerned if I seat too deep the pressures may get to high, but it seems like I should be seating the bullet so the cannelure engages the brass. I'm starting at 43.0 grains and working up. Also, I keep reading that in rifle that the closer the bullet is to the rifling the better. I really don't know what to do.

I've only been doing rifle reloading for a few months, so please be specific in your suggestions.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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