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I took the Ruger out today for a test run. I mounted an old Simmons 4-16 AO scope because that's all I had lying around at the moment. I need to save up for a nice Nikon Monarch!

I loaded up 5 loads using the Hornady 40gr V-Max bullet. 12 grains of Lil-Gun gave me a 4 shot group of .52" with a flyer opening it up to 1". The rest of the loads gave me 1"-1.6". I loaded up 20 more of the good loads and went in search of groundhogs. I spotted one at about 150 yards and went prone for the shot. The hog was sitting up and facing away from me when I took the shot. I placed the bullet at the base of the skull. The exit wound was just below the right eye. Bullet performance was very dramatic and quite impressive! One was all it took.

My hunting buddy who uses a Remington varmiter in .223 was a bit skeptical of my "pip-squeek" gun at the start of the hunt. He's a believer now and so am I. Not bad for a 70 year old cartridge!
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