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As for the AMax as a hunting bullet I was pretty sure that I was on the wrong track. I was hopeing however that due to the low velocity that we have them going, 2450+/-fps that we might just squeek by as far as them holding together. some of the penetration test we have done with them do indicate that they will definately be violent at first ut they seemed to be ok after a couple of inches. We recovered some of the bullets which had shed their core after hitting substantial resistance. This is not what we are looking for at all. I haven't tried them no anything other than targets and sorted media so was just wandering if anyone else had.

The Hornady SST sounds like a better choice but I haven't found them in this weight or caliber. I still have a couple of other loads to play with useing other bullets and will have things very well worked out before deer season rolls back around.

I appreciate your responce and hope that you have a great Easter.

Mike/ Tx
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