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MFH & lockandload,

I have also flew some of the 162's out of the 7 Mag. I got a sample of some from a guy out at the range one day who said that HE was useing them for Elk. I thought that was kind of stupid but each to his own. I loaded them up and they shot really well as the load we already had worked up was with the regular Hornady 162 BTSP.

The main reason I posed the question was that I have a extreemly accurate load worked up with the AMax in 6.5 140 gr. for my daughters 6.5X55 and figured that at the lower velocity it might be ok for deer. I have found them to be easy to load with as far as finding a load. They shot well with six different powders through the whole spectrum of loads. I haven't found this to be the case with other bullets and this gun. In fact the only other bullet to come close was the Speer 140 and with only 2 powders. Before deer season rolls back around we plan on having a couple more choices to look at and to try them out on the hogs first. If they work well on a mid to large hog they will be ok for the light skinned deer we have here. OTOH they might just become our new LARGE varmit bullet.(GG)

Thanks for sharing the info and keep those groups tight.

Mike / Tx
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