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HankL replies to the "Dies" thread with this is his meaasage: "...Get a headspace gauge for the autoloader and learn how to use it to make safe ammo. Neck size for the bolt gun, I do, and watch out for case wear on all.
I'm with Art, "If it ain't broke don't fix it" but slightly over headspaced ammo in a semi might get it and you "broke" quicker than you want."

Please explain the use of the headpsace gauge in more detail. What is it used for? Why? What may happen if you don't?

How do you slightly "overheadspace" ammo and what are the consequences.

I have 3 Garands and and AR that I've been reloading for for over a year now. I set my dies to make the cases fit the specs in the manuals (and trim accordingly). And I full length resize 9before trimming) So what am I missing by not using the headspace gauge?

Thanks in advance

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