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The problem with lead bullets in 9mm is firstly that 9mm barrels usually have a twist rate of 1:10, which it to fast for lead. Secondly the usual diameter for cast bullets in 9mm is .355-.356, fine for jacketed, but a bit small for lead. Try using a HARD CAST BULLET, SIZED .357. The 9mm cartirdge is quite close to 38 caliber. By the way, when S $ W, pardon my mentioning them came out with their Model 39, it had 1:10 rifling. A while later, they went to 1:18.75, the same twist used in their 38 caliber revolvers, and lead bullet accuracy improved greatly.

Having said all of the above, pardon me, you might try the following loads, working up from below. Accurate #5 5.9 grains. Unique 5.2. The above loads are with 125 grain, round nose hard cast lead bullets, sized .357, oal 1.165 Accurate #5 is described as being "similar to Unique, but slower burning". I use Winchester Standard primers, in whatever cases I happen to have handy, a terrible mixture of both military and commercial, domestic and foreign.

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