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Pat Rogers
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Hopefully it will be disgustingly boring!
Magazines are a strange thing, and the attachment that some have to their magazines/ mag voodoo borders on perverse.
After ensuring that the mag body is in good shape, the single most effective thing you can do for your magazine is to replace the black/ green follower with the Magpul follower.
My experience using mags with weak springs is that the Magpul follower alone will prevent almost all mag related problems (again, assuming that the mag body is GTG!) for a while. Eventually a weak spring will not have enough butt to push the follower up.
Eventually you're gonna' have to replace the spring anyway, and out SOP is to replace all existing springs/ followers with Wolff/ ISMI/ SAW springs and Magpul followers.
Keep me updated on your experience with the new followers.

Pat sends
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