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Paul, If reusing the brass for the same rifle you can back the die off more than 1/8 of a turn. You can adjust the die out until you see where around 2/3 or so of the neck is being worked this will get you plenty of neck tension but not overwork the brass. It varies with chamber and die dimensions. One note though; I would make sure that everthing was everthing before neck sizing a bunch of ammo for my bolt gun especially if I were going hunting. Some people advise that you chamber every round of reloaded ammo you intend to take along hunting!
I experimented with small lots of various caliber ammo for different guns and came up with some that I could use a regular die to neck size the case and only lube the neck where others required full lube. Keep notes.
Have fun and be safe! Hank
BTW Bro In Law bought one of those "X Dies"?
that aren't supposed to stretch the case for reloading ammo for his M1-A. After he has shot a few more matches I will try to give you a post on them.

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