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Paul: It has for me, most of the time. At least in the Garand. I'm guessing, though, that somewhere after, say, two neck resizes I'd have to full-length resize.

I don't shoot the Garand that much, so I'll run some stuff through it and Lord knows what gets shot next...But the vast majority of my ammo is reloads, and I can't recall when I last did a full-length resize on any '06...

If you have a tight-chambered Garand, and a loose-chambered something-else, there will be problems if you mix.

Had an HK 91, once, and always full-length resized with the special .308 dies for semi-autos...

If you've read any of my other posts, you can see I'm sort of a "If it ain't broke don't fix it" type. I read about a lot of problems, but I have no idea why I don't have the same problems with my guns. Damfino. I don't have magazine-spring problems, or WD40 problems, or "stuff breaks" problems...Maybe I'm just too damned dumb and the Lord takes pity on me...

Best regards, Art
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