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Didn't know whether to post this in
the Smithy or here; so here it is.

I'm going to be shooting a thousand plus
rounds in an upcoming pistol course.

I've loaded the rounds with 4.8 to 5.0
grains of Win. 231, using 230 grain FMJ
bullets. By all standards this powder range
is light,650-700 fps.

I am currently using a 17lb recoil spring
in my government model.I have had a few
stovepipes since having extensive custom
work done on the gun-(fitted Kart barrel,
slide/frame tightened,etc.).

My question is should I drop down to a
lighter recoil spring for these loads or
chalk up the few stovepipes to the
tightness of the gun. Factory hardball runs
great in it. Before I had the work done the
light loads worked flawlessly with the same
17 lb spring.

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