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I bought one of their excellent case gages for my .223 from Midway for about $16. I was put off by their offer to make one for my "wildcat" .400 Cor-Bon for something over $50. I don't think that they have a website, but I found their phone number through It.s L.E. Wilson, Inc., in Cashmere, Wash. I talked with somebody there; they were really nice, and didn't say anything about not dealing with the public. They offered, in fact, to make a case gage for my .400 Cor-Bon. I've loaded five or six thousand rounds successfully without a case gage, so I don't think that I'll be getting one.

BTW, did you try taking the barrel out and using it as a case gage??? Be sure and clean the chamber well, if you decide to try that method.

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