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Yes, I echo what has been said here. There's a reason that Lee and other makesrs of primer feed/seat devices caution the use of large quantities of Federal primers. CCI's have the hardest cups available, with Winchesters being second, so they're harder to ignite. As I found this out the hard way, on an IDPA match run, I've switched totally to Federals. Federals are also a little hotter than CCI's or Winchesters, so be careful with changing your loads if you're near max. Drop back a few grains, and start over. This should cure the problem altogether.

Everything that I've heard about the clean fire primer seems to indicate that they, too have a high rate of "hard primer" symptoms that just won't go away. Something to do with the fact that the cup needs to be a little thicker than standard primers (thus making the internal volume of the cup smaller) so as to generate more pressure in the primer pocket area to get proper ignition of the clean fire chemical mix.


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