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Patrick Graham,

Thanks for clearing up my confusion on the primers!


I bought the Redding 2 Die set.

I will give a run-down of what I bought, just so you guys know what I do and dont have. This way, I think it will be easier for you to help me.

1- RCBS reloading starter kit... This is the RS5 press, 505 scale, lube and pad, case mouth brushes and deburrer, primer flip tray, funnel, loading block, and Speer manual.

2- Redding powdwer measure (#3 BR)and Redding trickler, and Redding 2 die set

3- Midway tumbler and brass cleaner

4- Forster case trimmer

5- Midway calipers and cartidge headspace gauge (Weber, I think)

6- Lee auto prime

7- Lyman manual, some ammo boxes and labels, another loading block and soon the corn cob

8- Components:
Powder-- H335 (1lb)
Primers-- Federal 205 (1000)
Bullets-- Remington 55gr. FMJ (200) and 55gr. SP (100)
Cases-- Remington (100)

Did I do good? I was coached on what to buy by a quite knowledgable man (mentor really).

Thanks for all the help so far, you guys have been great.

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