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Hi folks, I have some questions I need answered before I start reloading. Please bear with me.

Everything but my dies and cases are in. I'm giddy! Before I do though, I have some important questions.

Let me start off by saying that I am stupid in that I didn't buy things in bulk. This is because I was spending well over $600, so I bought components in smaller quantities to save a little, and learn first.

These are the components that I bought:

Powder-- H335 (1lb)
Primers-- Federal 205 (1000)
Bullets-- Remington 55gr. FMJ (200) and 55gr. SP (100)
Cases-- Remington (100)

Ok here are my questions:

I can't find a load that uses Remington bullets and I can't find one that uses Federal primers either (not in the same load).
1) Can I substitute these components for the ones listed *as long as* I reduce the powder charge by about 10%?

2) Do you guys think its a good idea to load a few dummies before attempting to load live ammo?

3) I have heard that ground corn cob and crushed walnut hulls can be found in pet shops really cheap. Any truth to this?

If UPS feels like delivering my dies and cases by Tuesday, I can begin! Oh man oh man, I can't wait!

Thanks for any and all help!
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