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On a previous order from Natchez, (great prices) when I got the UPS tracking number, it kept coming back "Manifest Pickup Received". After three or four days of that, I called Natchez, talked with somebody in Customer Service, and was told that by some fluke, my order had not left their building yet. I finally got the order...several days after I'd been told that it'd been shipped.
Now comes my second order from Natchez. 15k primers and 8# of powder. They debited my VISA account two days ago. Told me yesterday that the order had been shipped, but that the UPS tracking number wasn't available yet, as "it's assigned when the package reaches the UPS hub." That's a plain lie and a crock. Called back today and talked with somebody in Customer Service. She didn't seem to be too enthusiastic about her job. She also told me that her records indicated that the package had been shipped yesterday, but that it must not have, or it would have a UPS tracking number.

Natchez offers good prices and a good selection of reloading products, but they will lie to you and will debit your cc accounts for days before they actually ship.

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