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If I'm understanding your questions correctly, your untrimmed brass length is .001 less than max allowed before trimming. If so, that's fine. I'm assuming that .001-.002 less than max "at the bottom of the case before the rim" means the web diameter measurement? If so, that's also just fine and it should chamber with no problems.

Without knowing the specifics of your load, the .002 less than max OAL sounds about right too. From a load pressure point of view, not seating deeper than MINIMUM OAL is very important. While still related to pressure, MAX OAL is important to proper functioning thru magazines and chambering. So, at .002 under max, your bullet isn't seated too deep and should function thru mags and gun just fine.

I'm guessing you are new to reloading and just want to make sure you haven't made any big mistakes with your first batch of ammo. Looks like you did good, and it's also good that you are paying such close attention to detail and safety. It's very satisfying to go out and shoot quality ammo you made yourself. Happy shooting.

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