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you caught me..i'm also a memeber of RFC and the .17 is one BAD round! it'll kill rabbits well past 100yrds! I use mine mainly for killing targets but every now and then i'll get it after varmints and it does what its made for...
That's it?

In May, I watched Rich and new friend Ashley drop rabbits with such regularity at 100 to 140 yards with Ashley's Kimber .22 LR, that I had to borrow it and try it myself. With Winchester .22 LR ammo and an accurate rifle, one-shot 100 yard+ kills on jackrabbits were pretty common over that weekend, with cottontails being no big deal. I frankly had to extend what I considered the useful range of a .22 LR. You mean the .17 HMR only equals that? Honestly, I've never played with them. It looks like they're extremely flat, but the energy drops off very fast, and with such a light little bullet, you've got little but energy (i.e.: velocity) to go on.

At $11 or $12 a box for 500 round bricks of higher quality ammo, the amount of joyful shooting with .22 LR cannot be underrated. For my purposes, the issue is apples to apples-- how much shooting can I do?
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