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Can a reloader use the same dies for 45 acp and 45 long colt?
1 Of course the shell holder is different,
2 the colt case is longer(die adjustment?)
3 according to the book the acp case is .476 and the colt case is .480. Weeelll I took my micrometer to several acp cases and they measured .472. Several colt cases measured .476. Yes I checked my mike by measuring some 45 acp jacketed bullets and they measured .451.
Now we all know you can reload 44 special and 44 mag with the same dies and same goes for 38/357. With this difference, .004, could a person use acp dies and resize colt cases or would there be too much working of the brass and the case libeal to early failure?
I am advising a new reloader who will be buying a 45 acp pistol and either a 45 colt or 44 mag revolver. If he can use the same die set it makes sense to buy the 45 / 45 combo. If not then maybe the 44 makes more sense.

Thanks for your thoughts.
PS. after hearing from the owner of a gunshop what the new Federal/Smith & Wesson rules are, NONE of these guns are smiths.
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