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Leftoverdj... Why are so many other people suggesting loads WAY under the 11 grain range. One of the suggestions comes from a guy who helped develop the .44 magnum (Elmer Keith) I've heard from many sources that around 7 - 8 grains of Unique under a 240gr SWC is a nice target load. In fact 8 grains of Unique and a 245 Lead SWC was what THE .44 MAG MAN, Elmer Keith, suggested as a "medium" .44 mag load. Some of the other data fellow members can be seen in this post...

I realize other sources confirm the Lee data, and it is safe, but trust me this is a hot load that your wrist will feel! To me, the Lee book doesn't start with a low enough charge. Their load (off the top of my head its like start of 10gr and a max of 11.6gr) is not for target shooting all day! A 240gr Hornady XTP over 23-24gr of H110 w/ a mag primer is considered a good hunting load and one that delivers "the true .44 magnum experience", but 11.0gr Unique, Reglr CCI LP primer, and those 240 LSWC bullets were giving me the same felt recoil. And yes I shot them both in the same range visit.
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