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Advice Needed.. Which Data Book is best?

After finding out that my Lee book contains data for charges that work best with their measuring disks, I've decided its time to invest in a better book. This is after their mid target load for my .44 Mag with 240grSWC and Unique powder was swelling the cases so bad that I had to slam on the extractor to get them out. I have another book "Metallic Cartridge Reloading" published in 1996, but it doesn't have a good variety of loads for the stuff I'm doing.

Anyway, which book does everyone else like? I reload or will be reloading..

1. .44 Rem Mag- Mostly target shooting, but also experimenting with deer hunting loads
2. 7mm Rem Mag- Hunting and seeing how accurate the old (1963) Rem 700 is
3. .223 for AR-15 carbine- Not too serious, usually shoot mil surplus
4. .308 for FAL- Not too serious either, mostly just for fun and experimentation
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