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I have the 1050 and must say it is the best press i have ever seen .the ease of use and the accuracy of the loaded rounds is phenomenol.Ihave had mine for 4 years and have only had 1 problem.I did not catch a .40 stuck in a .45 case and bent my decap pin. I called dillon and they sent one out at no charge.I have a friend who has been using his for commercial loading and has had no problems with it at all and he has put several 100,000 rounds through it.I thought about it the 550 or the 650 but was told to go with the 1050.That was the best advice i got ,I cannot say enough about the 1050 it is unstopable in a little over a 100,000 rounds for me in 45 acp.I am fixing to buy a 550 next so i will not have to change out dies on the 1050,that is the only downside of this press is that it is a little harder to change from one cal. to the next, and it does not load the the major rifle rounds.

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