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Greetings, Stephen. I would like to thank you for your always informative posts, and hope to return the favor. I started out with a Square Deal, worked great, even I could figure it out. Then I needed more ammo in less time, bought a 650, casefeed, etc. the works. It is great, but the weak part of the press is the priming system. I know four guys that know their stuff, and all of them crushed primers and had the flashback around the circle, sending the whole tube full up into the ceiling, taking out the light. Scary. I had several crush on me, not going fast or anything, but thank god they didnt ignite. I got a deal on a buddies spare 1050, and sold my 650 package for the same price. ;o) I love the 1050, and wish I would have bought one ten years ago. Observations: figure out in the manual the parts you need to load the calibers you need, dont buy the conversion kits, extra money for not much. Spare toolheads cost too much also. It will take awhile to get comfortable running the rig, but once you do it will be heaven. I work nights, and am busy with work, family, life, etc. and my time is a premium. This press works for me because I can load a bunch of great ammo in no time at all. There was a guy on the USPSA site that was selling three used 1050s, dont know if they are still available. I have been told the reason that Dillon doesnt offer their super warranty on the 1050 is that ammmo companies, (CORBON, BlackHills, etc.) use the presses and Dillon would go broke giving out spare parts for wear, breakage, etc. Understandable. But honestly, for all the good stuff I have been given on the other presses I had, I dont have a problem buying stuff from Dillon. My .02$ I would, will buy another someday. Good luck and enjoy. DC

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