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Randall Shaw
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I would agree with the rest of the members ,
Find a shop a get a good look at what you are buying first hand , I did that two years ago
and I am glad I did , I knew nothing about reloading so a bought a speer book and read it , Then I found this best store around
" The Reloading center " down in L.A. sure it was 1.5 hour drive but well worth the time and trouble they answered all my
rookie questions and gave me a bit of a package deal. If you want to know yes I bought a dillon SDB sense then I bought a
dillon 1050 from the same guys and love it but the SDB still gets used for .45 and 9 mm ever week . So my biggest piece of
advice is ask a butt load of questions and follow the loads in the books , These guys on this board wont slam any body for
wanting to learn to do it right.
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