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I just started reloading myself (well, 6 ago, and have only been around firearms for 1 year). So, I can give you a newbie impression of the whole mystique of reloading. First off, let me say that it is VERY EASY to learn...provided you do your homework ahead of time. Before I ordered my first reloading set I purchased a very good book entitled "The ABC's of Reloading" by C. Rodney James. This provided lots of invaluable info for someone new to reloading. This book is available from and many largeer book stores.

Here is what I spent when I first got started:

Lee 35th anniversary reloading kit: $67 (Midway)
Calipers- $23 @ midway
work bench- $65 from Home Depot
Tumbler with sifter- $79 from Midway
1 set of Carbide pistol dies: $21 @ Midway
1lb Unique powder- $16.00 + tax Locally
1000 CCI pistil primers- $19.00
1000 bullets (jacketed) ~ $45
brass- find for free at your range
good reloading manual - ~$25 or so Get a couple (Speer and Hornady make a good one)
plastic ammo boxes for your rounds- $3 a piece

That pretty much covers my initial expenses:
The Grand total was ~ $328 for EVERYTHING
Depending on how much you wanna reload, you might wanna consider a turret press or a Progressive system. If I had known what I know now, I would have jumped immediately on a manual indexing Lee turret press Kit rather than go the single stage route.
I started out reloading 45 acp, as the cheapest place in town had 45 for 23cents per round. Buy reloading myself, I have cut that down to 10.8 cents per round. Let us know if you have any further questions. I have no affiliation with Midway USA, but have received FANTASTIC service from them, so continue to use them.


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