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Hi gents,
This is my third post today - sorry if I'm wearing out my welcome. I've only been on TFL for a short time and I've spent that time diligently reading the posts that others have written. I've learned a lot I must say. One day I might know enough to take sides when Pluspinc and other professionals begin the technical debates.

My question here is about reloading. My gun was expensive, but it's paid for now. The range fee is $10/hr, but I don't own land so what can I do? About the only thing I can think to do to save money is to reload my brass, but it's a little intimidating. I don't want to blow myself up, ok? How hard is it to learn to reload? I would like to find out some basic references so I could read up on the subject. How expensive is it for the initial setup? What is the cost to reload, say, 500 rounds - everything included? My .40 ammo is about $12-13/box, so factory ammo would run me $120 + tax. (I know I can get it cheaper on the net). Are there any questions I have failed to ask?

All responses appreciated.
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