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I also would not recommend the 300WM as a first rifle. It will have stiff recoil and could induce flinching or overall bad shooting techniques. The 30-06 is in no way a sissy gun and does have some pretty solid recoil itself. The 300WM is going to kick more and is better suited for a more experienced rifle shooter. I would say the difference in recoil between the 30-06 and 300WM is kind of like shooting a very hot 9mm load(30-06) vs a standard power 357Mag(300WM) in a service size handgun.

Personally if I could only have one rifle it would be a 7mmRM, 270Win or 30-06. There is only about a .017 or 1/2 a mm difference in caliber between a 7mmRM and 30-06. If I could only have 2 rifles for medium and big game I would take a 25-06 and 338WM. I can hunt almost anything on earth with these two rifles.

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