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While I use several of the above-mentioned books, plus various companies' pamphlets, I like the two-=volume Sierra set. It has more on ballistic coefficients and exterior ballistics/trajectories than most.

I tend to settle on a "pet" load after some experimentation. If I shot only my '06, I wouldn't need a book at all, since I've been using 52.5 grains of 4064 and a 150-grain bullet since 1950...The same holds for several other cartridges.

But, there is no such thing as too little information...

If you don't shoot hundreds of rounds a week, a good used C- or O-press and good-used dies will serve you well. If you shoot IPSC or IDPA, a progressive rig like the Dillon is almost mandatory. I'd rather start out with a new powder scale, although I've never had any problems with any used stuff.

You can often find good stuff at gunshows; some of the books are sold at less than retail, and you'll find the occasional fella selling off "stuff" like tricklers, primer-pocket reamers, shell-holders, etc.

Best luck; have fun! Art
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