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300mag. or 30/06 for moose?


My late grandfathers hunting team invited me for the upcoming moose season back in Sweden. They all hunt with 30/06's and now I'm faced with the confusing task of purchasing my first rifle. Since I reside here in the US I would like to purchase the rifle asap and start practicing on the range.

After a bit of reading the 300 mag. seems to have all the characteristics of the tried and proven 30/06 but with a flatter trajectory and a little more knock down power. Seems like I could use every advantage I can get since this will be my first hunt ever.

Several of my friends that hunt deer and elk here in the US swears by the Remington 7mag, and claims it will do the job for a moose just fine. -That seems to be a bit small of a caliber. . .

I would really aprechiate any advice I could get. Thank you,
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