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Thanks fellas, still havn't heard from LEE, but feel that the alloy body is to blame.

"POTMETAL" is a good description !

As I keep my piston assy well lubed, the only thing I can think of is that some of my cases are a bit tight in the pocket and might have been seated too firmly?

But I [sadly] take the point that quality is paramount, trouble is, with the super strong USDollar you can effectively treble any of your US prices in OZ. Just try that for a moment and see it from my angle...OK now A LEE Auto Prime is $35.00 not $12.00 !!

And what do I do with the special short shellholders at $6AUD they fit nothing else ? So I am stuck, my friends, with any help I may [or may not] get from the US factory.

I can only advise anyone NOT to buy a soft alloy bodied prime-tool.

Will keep you posted.....- I am a "bunny" arn't I.....first it was our Aussie Government confiscating my Ruger 10/22 and 44Mag as well as my Winchester 120 as I couldn't be trusted to have a pump or a semi-auto, now this and UK's Smith and Wesson's capitulation to Slick(Sick?) Willie....I'm depressed, I think I'll go hunting crows to-morrow !

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