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My Lee Auto Prime hand-tool has apparent cracking/linear metal fatigue (in the chromed alloy body) of the shellholder's top groove, leading to patchy performance in seating primers.It is now unserviceable.

I have heard the con-rod [in alum alloy] breaks and the factory has now shifted to steel to cure this.

Has anyone heard of the alloy body shell-holder slot on this tool failing before ?

The guarentee is for 2 years only...yes, it is over that - of course....

The cost new here is $35AUD for a replacement and spares are unobtainable/very expensive with long delays of up to 6 months.

It is a really great little tool and it is clean and quick to use, but expensive if this happens every 3 years, or is my problem un-usual ?

The con-rod (alloy) and the all the rest is in excellent condition, so I have not abused it - obviously.

I have contacted the Lee Precision factory by email, but have no reply as yet.

Comments (please) from FL reloading cognocenti....

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