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Welcome to a really neat part of the sport of shooting!

My uncle got me started in July of 1950, so I guess I can say I've grown with the sport... They didn't have affordable progressive reloading tools in those days, and I can tell you that a thousand rounds of anything was time consuming!

Any of the standard dies will work with the Dillon or a "C" or "O" press. If money is a consideration, look for a good used press. Save up for the Dillon, later. If you get into hunting, and wind up with rifles or pistols you don't shoot all that often, a "C" press will do just fine.

Initially you can spend your money on good scales, a powder measure, the miscellaneous "stuff" that's needed or helpful...And watch gun shows for this sort of stuff.

There is a major gun show coming up in Las Vegas, April 28-30, at the LV Convention Center. This show is the one moved from the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds.

It would be worth the trip...

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