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I have been reloading for about a month 1/2 now. I have reloaded about 1500 rounds and shoot every weekend with my two sons. I load 40SW and 45 ACP. I started with a Dillon 550B (government graciously let me keep some of my own money) after spending many hours researching all different types of presses, capabilities, and warranty. Dillon 550B is not the least expensive to start out with, however, very worth the investment IMHO! Agree with SenSop on all and that having a good reloading library is very important to safety and understanding of the hobby. It is at least as much fun as shooting. I always look forward to rating my weekly reloads to see what works best in each caliber for powder, bullets, primers, & cases. I think all totaled I spent about $650 for everything Dillon 550B, extra dies and tool heads, powder, bullets, primers, cases, scales, tumbler & media, calipers, & reloading manuals. Great fun and becomes more cost effective as you shoot! 1000 rounds of good 40 & 45 ammo is around $600, you produce better quality with your own reloads.

Good luck and welcome to realm!
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