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Lately I've been hearing a lot about reloading and people making their own handloads. I must say that it sounds damn fun. I'm thinking about getting into it for myself. I have a few questions though...

Whats a realistic amount of money I should expect to spend to get started in reloading? Seeing as Dillon makes the best presses, I would want one of them (even though Id be a beginner), although not the top of the line model. What are the components I would need? Are they pricey?

Currently I own only one AR15 (no more for me, Kalifornia), so is it really worth it to get into reloading for only one gun? I plan to buy others, of course, but later on. Do the costs outweigh the benefits? I dont hunt or shoot matches either. Last, but not least, are reloads really cheaper than factory loads? Its extremely difficult for me to buy bulk ammo, so saving money would be a big plus. I know that if/when I start reloading I will shoot a lot more (a BIG plus! ).

Im looking at getting the RL550B press. I guess I could get the case tumbler, and calipers, and other stuff from a cheaper source. I need a chronograph too dont I?

I would *really* like to keep this setup at or very close to $500. Would that be possible?

Sorry for the long post, but I hope you gentlemen can help me out. Thanks for any and all help!!

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