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Hi folks, I have a few important questions about brass...

1- Looking in reloading maunals, I see that a certain brand of brass is used. My question is, can I use a different brand with no ill effects? For example, the listed brand is Remington, but I want to use Winchester.

2- I noticed, after looking at all of my spent brass tonight (shot in an AR15), that all of them had a noticable "ring" near the case head. It was not bright and visible ring, but you could tell it was there. Also, the brass in front of it seemed to be different in its "grain". I know that brass stretches when its fired, so Im wondering is that what I saw, or is it something serious? All ammo was factory.

3- Last question is about primers. Again, different brands than listed in manuals. Lets say that the lised *brand* of primer is Federal, but I want to use Winchester. Is this bad?

I am just a plinker for now, so match grade accuracy is not important to me (yet). Thanks for any and all help!
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