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Rich had a catahoulla named Miko whom he was in the process of training as a hog dog. catahoullas are bay dogs for the most part. Miko was killed last week. My condolences to Rich. Rich mainly hunts hogs by the spot and stock method as do I now that my last good dog was killed last year. I am working on a new pup as we speak.

I use a dog called a Jadgterrier. They are a German breed and are bred especially for hog hunting. They bay and will catch. They weigh about 25 lbs and there secret is in there speed and ferocity. They will play "matador" with a hog and bite him in the testicles or the hams or even the face until the hog tires of running and will just spin and scream. That's when the big redneck comes in with a cold steel assegai spear and puts an end to the whole process.

Velocity is thrilling, But diameter does the real killing.
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