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a few years ago my instructor of martial arts told us and showed us how to jump over javalinas. it was part of our training. we did it only if we felt we were ready. they were about 150lb. i have only heard about taking a boar with a knife.
They sure weren't javelinas, then. A 50 lb javelina is a good sized one, with 70 lbs being extreme (unheard of) top end of their size. ~40 lbs is common. Either the weight estimate is off by a factor of about 3X, or the animal was misidentified.

Staff alumnus Rob did some hog hunting by knife a few years back (has it really been 6 years since he posted on that? Gawd, we're getting old...). I hadn't heard of Rich doing it, but his experiences are (to say the least) mighty varied.
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