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Yeah, the bolt will rub pretty good on the top of the hammer when the action is cycled. If you look underneath the bolt, the back end has a 'nub' that is there, I think, to make sure the hammer goes back plenty far enough to catch the full cock notch. I just put a bit of MoS2 paste on the top of the hammer after giving it a rub with crocus cloth, and worked the lever a few hundred times. Nice and smooth, then. The hammer extension dingus isn't needed unless you (choke) 'scope (gack) the rifle, otherwise, I think it just slows hammer fall. I never use mine, but if I did, I'd file a little groove on the top of it where the bolt rubs. (Being an old time lever guy I never use the dingbat safety, either.)
Rule 303: I took the rear off my 1894C and put one of Marble's nice contoured dovetail filler blocks in. The 1895 still has its folding rear, set low with the leaf down, 'just in case' (I sometimes wear both a belt and suspenders, too.)

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