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I was thinking of putting a 6-24x44 on the old 1895..Just kidding!

I will keep open sights on it, I just need to look into the aftermarket sights and get them ordered. Thanks for the info on why my gun prints low with the hotter round. It makes a lot of sense when you explain it that way. The only modification I may make at a later date would be to get the kevlar stock and foregrip from Wild West Guns and possibly a satin stainless finish since I will be carrying this rifle in the Alaskan bush.

Have you noticed the blueing on your hammer being rubbed off from the bolt at all? I installed the offset hammer extension and noticed that the bolt really rubs it when the rifle is charged (because the offset extension is "raised" higher than the standard hammer when installed). I know this is probably normal, because I see it on every lever action rifle I look at.

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